Monday, May 30, 2011

What a week!

Happy Memorial Day!

Some of us have today off (I'm not one of these lucky individuals but hey, it's alright) but I hope we'll pause today to remember all of our amazing soldiers who remind us every day that our freedom is far from free. It comes at the HIGHEST cost. Thank you to my mom, dad and family members that have served/continue to serve the greatest country on Earth. I love you all dearly!

This week is also very special because we are doing a LOT of celebrating:

Happy anniversary to Amanda & Lenny Mathis!
May 30

Happy birthday to a great friend and sister, Lorraine Saxon!
June 1

Happy birthday to one of my best friends, Jeff Rose!
June 2

Happy anniversary to Chris & Paige Morton!
June 2

Happy anniversary to Chris & Julie Paulson!
June 3

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