Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Home Improvement, Stoehr style!

After months of debating, Brad and I are finally biting the bullet and getting hardwood floors in the house! Who knew we'd be so excited about floors?! (Mom, if you're reading this - I know, you were right.) We've had the basic manufacturer's carpet since we moved in - the original carpet installed five years ago - and to be quite honest, it's a hot mess. We're planning to replace the carpet in the entry way, dining room, living room and half the stairs; it sounds like a lot but if you've ever been to the house, you know it's basically one giant room. (LOL) These are some pictures from when we first moved in:

As you can see, the color dynamics are currently darker walls, lighter floors and since we're moving to darker floors, we'll need lighter walls! We've already narrowed down our panits choices and received a quote from a recommended company... that's next on our home improvement project. Fingers crossed we can have everything done by the 2nd week of June!

More pictures to come!

Monday, May 24, 2010

We're expecting a...

... NIECE! Congratulations to Molly & Bryan!

We're SO excited to share in this incredible time...
can't wait to meet this sweet girl!

Monday, May 17, 2010

Happy birthday!

Today, YouTube celebrates five years of changing the world.
Congratulations & best wishes for the next five years!

To help celebrate, here is my all-time favorite clip:

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Life is good.

I realized that I've kinda sorta sucked at keeping up with the blogosphere lately but in my defense, things have kicked into high gear all around here. Good things are happening, though...

Brad will (formally) graduate from Queens University tomorrow evening with his Masters in Business Administration. I have to laugh because he's been graduating for about five months. We threw the big party in December (woohoo!) since he was done with classes and he even received his diploma in the mail. I'm still so proud of him and will probably cry anyways. Congrats!

Mother's Day is this weekend and I want to give all three (yes, you read that right, THREE) moms a shout-out: Kathy (mother-in-law), Lynda (stepmom) and of course, my wonderful mom Robin! They are incredible women who inspire me to do great things and be a better person... love you all!

My sister-in-law Molly & her hubby Bryan will find out what Baby Moyer is a little earlier than we anticipated... they're throwing a revealing party on May 23rd! Which will we have, a little niece or nephew???

This time last year, many of us were preparing to send Amanda Ingram (now Mathis) into wedded bliss... how fast a year flies by! Happy first wedding anniversary on May 30th to Amanda and Lenny!

Last but not least, I'm head over heels for my recently elected position as President for Surfing Sisters of Delta Zeta! This is a fabulous group of women who add so much to my life. I'm honored to serve this chapter and look forward at what the new year has to offer. Transitioning now and officially start on July 1... wish me luck!

Lots of love in the air and I'm lucky enough to be a part of it...
life is good.