Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Little One update

Things have been rolling right along - so much, that I missed last week's update! 18 weeks check-in, here we go:

(baby is the size of a sweet potato!)

The biggest milestone with this particular update is that baby is moving and I can feel it! I felt our little one move for the first time when we landed in Frankfurt, Germany a couple weeks ago. It was SUCH a crazy feeling: a ball of butterflies doing somersaults, much different for me than the feeling you get riding in an elevator or landing in a plane. Since then, I've felt him/her move a few times... I'm sure that will progress the further along we go!

Speaking of him or her, we're counting down the days until we find out what baby Stoehr will be... I can hardly stand the suspense! We get the big news next Thursday and while I'm not sure how we're planning to celebrate yet, it will make this Easter weekend one to remember (talk about a Good Friday!)

OH, and how could I forget? I think Brad and I have nailed down our names: Miller Patrick if it's a boy and Stella Reese is if it's a girl! Miller is my maiden name and since I'm the only child between my parents, it's our way of carrying on my dad's name; Patrick is Brad's middle name. Stella Reese has no family connection to either name, we both just really like the combination. The more I hear them, the more I love them. What a wonderful thing to mark off your mom-to-be list!


  1. Cute names! Good luck Thursday!!! Cant wait to hear what you are having :)

  2. Love it!! Where do you find the images for your weekly check-ins? I need those! :)

  3. Thanks Jenn - you're right behind me!

    Heather - I get them from I think it's under "How big is my baby?" :)

  4. I love the names that you chose. I also love reading your weekly updates! You are absolutely glowing through your writing.