Monday, February 8, 2010

Best & Worst

Congratulations to the New Orleans Saints for winning Super Bowl XLIV! I was glad to see it wasn't a complete blow-out but since I didn't have a "dog in the fight", I was a little more intrigued with the infamous commercials than anything. While some were completely ridiculous to spend millions on their 30-second spots, some did a remarkable job and should give their marketing groups a bonus. Without further ado, here's my best & worst of XLIV:

Doritos: House Rules

I had flashbacks to the movie Role Models as this little boy lays down the house rules with mom's new beau. Short, sweet and to the point... you go boy. : )

Google: Parisian Love

This is an example of marketing brilliance. Using the product for everyday life occurances and at the end, makes your heart melt. Last night's super bowl was full of emotion for lots of reasons and this fit into that mold beautifully. A+, Google. Well done!

E*TRADE: Girlfriend

E*TRADE has had very few commercials that didn't give John Q. Public a good laugh and this one was certainly no exception. It highlights the great things E*TRADE can do you for while giving some humor with an adult relationship scenario, "other woman" included. I just loved that she happened to be a "milkaholic". LMAO.


Coca-Cola: Hard Times

I'm a HUGE Coca-Cola lover. I ::heart:: the Simpsons. Naturally, Coke + Simpsons = grand slam, right? WRONG. I found myself asking "they really just spent millions of dollars on THAT?!" I get it, guys: Coke makes everything better, even when you fall victim to the recession. Just didn't have a big punch like we expect from two big names... bummer.

Dodge: Man's Last Stand

You'd think the way the auto industry has been hit by the economic down-turn, Dodge would be able to come up with something better than this if they were spending millions. ANYTHING better than this, really. As my friend Nikki so delicately put it, "there are people with vaginas who watch football, too", although you'd never know it watching commercials like these. Bunch of whiny guys complaining about all the things the women in their lives make them do and damnit, they're going to keep the one thing that makes them happy: their Dodge. Sorry to break it to you guys, but if that's the only thing in your life making you happy, you have bigger issues to deal with...

Boost Mobile: The Boost Mobile Shuffle

As Charles Barkley would say (and who's commercial equally sucked), "That's tuuuuurrble. Just tuuuuuurrble."

Snickers: Game
I loooooooooooooooove Betty White. : )

Volkswagon: PunchDub
Because we all remember playing this on long roadtrips with our siblings, friends and for some of us, even our spouses.

Budweiser: Friends & Fences
If you like the feel-good commercials, this is the one for you.
Too sweet!


  1. I'm going to have to go with Betty White and Snickers-too cute!

  2. The Google ad was definitely the best of the night by as far as it is from here to Paris. Great way to show brand identification. Also, it was pretty simple in that it told a story by just using a text box.

    The Coke ad with Mr. Burns was definitely one of the worst of the evening. There wasn't a point. I disagree on the Dodge ad. While I agree generally with your comments about the underlying message, I think from the standpoint of the demographic it was aimed at, it was well done and persuasive.

    You didn't mention the Audi "Green Police" ad. That one was very clever and was probably my favorite of the night.

    Nice job, ad critic! :)

  3. The Google Ad and the House Rules were two of my faves, too!!

  4. I love the Etrade commercials :) I laugh every time .